Rhetoric | An Agnostic’s View of Sin

One of my friends and mutual followers on WordPress, Mitch Teemley, has just posted an interesting synopsis on the subject of “Sin.”  His post includes  several interesting quotes about the subject, see: Popular Idea, Unpopular Word After reading the post I was inspired to leave the following comment. Aren’t all “sins” simply unhealthy behavior; either unhealthy to… Read More Rhetoric | An Agnostic’s View of Sin

Rhetoric | What is Reality?

When we are children, the definition of “reality” is clear cut. It’s the opposite of “fantasy.” When we grow older, we realize that one person’s reality is not necessarily another’s and that the schizophrenic’s bizarre, sometime hallucinatory reality, manifested by socially unacceptable and often tragic behavior patterns, is as real to them as our own… Read More Rhetoric | What is Reality?