Life | My Cancer Odyssey

Life | My Cancer Odyssey
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Well, now I have received the full measure of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This is calculated as being the maximum that a human body can endure. I’ve been home, letting my body try to heal itself from the onslaught, for three weeks now. Sometime in mid-January there will be CTs, MRIs and Pet-scans to determine how much, if any, of the neuroendocrine carcinoma remains.

The answer will determine surgical options, if any. Yeah, if any. I’m still teetering on the ledge of a possible early demise. I’ve asked myself, “What IF it’s the worst case scenario? Do I endure the hospice route, hooked up to a morphine drip, or do I go the “Dr. Jack Kevorkian” route, up to Oregon?”

It’s tempting. But I’ve decided to keep living and keep writing until I can no longer use a keyboard nor dictate. I KNOW that my experience and the conclusions it has given me will be a comfort to some people. As my Twitter profile-bio says:

“Cancer patient. Care-giver for those suffering PTSD due to a dip into #OrganizedReligion. Free permission slips to ignore the Bible. God is fine with that.”