Re-Tweets | My Crystal Ball

Re-Tweets | My Crystal Ball
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My Crystal Ball

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#FirstCuppaJoe for Tue Oct 18 (thread)

“Eeny, meeny, chili-beanie, the spirits are about to speak,” (from my favorite TV show, as a high school senior, Bullwinkle & Friends)

And, SHAZZAYUM! — Here I am six decades later, at Bullwinkle’s crystal ball, spouting nonsense and claiming it is spiritually inspired.

Are these “Cuppas” the ramblings of a bi-polar-disordered maniac, or just an eccentric, socially inept, skeptic and cynic of human norms?

All of the above.

What my crystal ball is insistently telling me during today’s #MorningMeditations, is that, what we call “spirit,” is simply a natural phenomenon for which we have yet to find a resonating substance or circuit.

But there IS a resonating circuit, maybe millions; except, only one of those has an output channel: The Human Being. The millions would be the other animals of Earth. This would jibe with the opinion of billions of indigenous, over the years and right up to the present. There is a spirit, a spark of sentience that pervades, and is shared by, all living creatures. In their opinion. And in my own.

In this vast, beyond-comprehensively-vast, Universe, have any other speaking beings recorded what “the spirits” have spoken? One would have to assume, yes. Have they figured out what the ramifications are? (In my experience, the spirits speak in inklings, rarely specifics — one personal friend a mundane, working dad — claims that in an emergency once, the spirits spoke in an audible shout.

While spirit is ubiquitous, because some scientists speculate that the Universe itself may be one vast neural network, I strongly suspect that this pervasive, natural force is also sentient.

This, seemingly all-encompassing connection we all have with the Universe itself, suggests that ALL religions are at least, partially true. They are inspired by a “higher power.” The problem has been that— in the inception of those religions—many conclusions have been “jumped-to,” when only inklings have been sent. We humans simply haven’t “figured out” the ramifications of this natural phenomenon yet. Religious theories are like assholes, everybody’s got one.

Is there a God? Would a supreme, over-arching, ever-present, ubiquitous thought process be worthy of our prayers? Why not? Figuratively, our spiritual existence is located wholly within that process. That would make us children of that process, and the process itself our parent.

How would this parent, etherial as He or She may be, actually physically come to our aid? By giving others an inkling of our needs and inspiring them to act.

This story is absolutely true, it was told to me and a group of other church-member friends, just days after it happened:

“Tom and Bill were avid outdoorsmen; hunters, hikers, skiers. One day while hiking in the high-country of the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains, they got too far from their car for what was meant to be just a simple day-hike. In the summertime-High-Sierra, days are typically a comfortable 82º but even so, nighttime temperatures can drop to well below freezing. As dusk seemed to sneak up on them, they picked up their pace, in an effort to beat the setting sun back down to their parking spot.

Being in a small valley dotted by several lakes, they got confused as to which lake they had hiked by when they had entered. Trying several dead-ends without success, they began to panic. Both started praying. Soon, they spotted an old man on a white horse, beyond one of the lakes. He was motioning for them to come toward him. When they reached the point from which the man signaled, he was nowhere in sight; but they were standing on their original entry-point into the valley. They were able to make the dangerous decent to the parking lot before total-darkness set in.”*

*quoting from my blog: