Opinion | The Cognitive Dissonance of Abortion “Rights”

The Cognitive Dissonance of Abortion “Rights” © 2019 Vernon Miles Kerr, vernonmileskerr.com   There are three intellectual fictions, which must be accepted in order avoid cognitive dissonance in supporting the concept of a “right” to abort one’s own fetus, on demand, and without the mother’s own life being endangered by a full-term pregnancy. The first… Read More Opinion | The Cognitive Dissonance of Abortion “Rights”

Poetry | Why

Why ©2019 Vernon Miles Kerr, vernonmileskerr.com   When first we even noticed Night’s sparkling, swirling, threatening indictment above us, Before we watched — beyond our mother’s dangling breasts — Her carefully animated lips, imparting speech, We had no word for wonder, Just hopeless dumbness: The cat’s curiosity with her self-same mute.   But after mother’s… Read More Poetry | Why

Poetry | Faith

Faith ©2019 Vernon Miles Kerr, vernonmileskerr.com There’s  difference between Belief & Faith, Faith is Gold. Belief is Smoke. The religious have their core beliefs. Whether strongly held or yet amorphous, Whether strictly or lazily followed, They are still… just beliefs. Beliefs are tenuous, and untested, Faith is forged in fire. Though many claim it, Faith cannot… Read More Poetry | Faith