Featured Writer | Manfred Wolf

This week, our featured writer is Manfred Wolf, Professor of English (Emeritus) at San Francisco State University and currently, leturer at University of San Francisco’s Fromm Institue. Those several series of lectures are avalable as free podcasts at his website, SuvivalInParidse.com. Fashion in Ideas © 2021 by Manfred Wolf,  SurvivalInParadise.com I remember one day in… Read More Featured Writer | Manfred Wolf

ReTweets | Unbridled Capitalism

Unbridled Capitalism Here’s another essay composed during my morning Twitter activity.  I personally can’t think of a better remedy to save humanity than to — not do away with capitalism — but to politically take charge and set the agenda for capitalism. What many call “über-capitalism” or “super-capitalism” has effectively taken over American Politics thanks… Read More ReTweets | Unbridled Capitalism