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Past, Present, Future

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October 3 #CancerOdyssey, #Insomnia & other #WeirdStuff (thread) I’m fasting for a PET scan later this morning. There have been two cycles of chemo now.  So, this scan will give a picture of exactly how much the mass has shrunken.

I awoke at 1:30 with hunger pangs, so did some clean-up in the kitchen to take my mind off it. That done, I filled up on water, but was still wide awake. Bored. Now what? Go check out the stars.  Hmm, Orion is way over near the Eastern Horizon instead of due South like at 6:00 am, yesterday.  I headed back in and spotted my hiking shoes, doffed at the door yesterday. I leaned over to pick ’em up and I got a brief thought, not really words: “critters running out of ’em” Yeah we have small lizards in the garden. I picked ’em up, went back to the bedroom and plunked ’em down on the closet floor — a critter ran out of ’em. It was one of those red outdoor cockroaches we have around here. I tried stomping it a few times, but it evaded me and made cover.  I thought, “OMG, what if it’s a female, full of eggs?” 

Another trip outside to the garden-shed to get the bug spray. Then, I remembered the, sorta wordless impression I had earlier: “critters running out of ’em”  Is this chemo making be nuts?  Was that just a weird coincidence?  I’ve recently opined on here, predicting the future is impossible because of all the causative factors that have to go into It’s ongoing creation.  But what if, on some level, past present and future exist at the same time?  I’ve heard others make that speculation before.  God is thought to inhabit past, present and future at the same “moment.”  So, saying “creatures running out of ’em,” wouldn’t be a statement of a past event, nor a prophesy, for God. It would merely be a comment about observing something happening, in His “right now,” in the future.  Damn!  I still feel hungry, more water!