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To Religious-Hell and Back

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Our friend Destiney here, is like a lot of other people—myself included, before I was lured into a fundamentalist cult-like, so-called “christian” church. And, I’m still suffering from post-religious-organization-PTSD, 26 yrs later. 2 decades of sermons and bible-studies later—I came away …

…convinced that the “buybull,” as Destiney calls it, was sorta “made up” by a religious-organization starting 4,000 yrs ago—and that the “God” described in there was made in “man’s” image instead of the other way around. However — as a former English major and fan of World Lit, I had to admit, that crazy assemblage of 4 thousand and 2 thousand year-old “stories” between those black leather covers, had a lot of ancient wisdom in it. The problem for me was figuring out how much, if any, of that writing, was inspired by some kind of higher power—higher intelligence, spiritual essence—maybe even a supreme being.

I went in an atheist, was spat out 20 yrs later, an agnostic, questioning everything. I’m hurt, my family has been hurt and we still psychologically resound with the mental abuse we suffered.

I guess my point is: I wish people could get over the excrement that “Evangelical” Christianity has heaped upon the Bible, from their deal-with-the-Devil, Trump.

By the way, this thing of going out and trying to argue people into “accepting Jesus as your personal savior,” is a perversion of scripture. Period. Full-stop. The Jesus I read about, in there, was a promoter of “walking the walk” not “talking the talk.” He said, “…they shall know you by your fruits.” Anyway, I’ve got a blog, with probably millions of words describing my journey to “religious-hell” and back. All you need to type is “” I hope this helps.