Opinion | What Makes a ‘Great Man?’

What Makes a ‘Great Man?’ © 2017 Vernon Miles Kerr You Too, Can Be a Great Man My memories of the curriculum in the California Public School System during the very early 1950s include a grade-level-spanning—almost obsessive—focus on creating “Great Men” (or Great Women.) It seems like this obsession trickled  into every subject:  In “Social… Read More Opinion | What Makes a ‘Great Man?’

Poetry | Cycles

Cycles © 2017 Vernon Miles Kerr Up That poem needs work… but What’s happening on Twitter… Mail? This early? Never heard of ‘em. Probably spam…but Ohhh… a new type of pruning saw… Might be good for the shaping our Maple needs.. Nah…I need to focus on the poem. ‘Got a responsibility to get that out.… Read More Poetry | Cycles