Theology | Religion Boxed-in

Theology | Religion Boxed-in
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Religion Boxed-in

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In my FirstCuppaJoe on Twitter, today I started with these hashtags:

#FromTheEther #Darwin was an #AngelOfGod

Yes, Angel of God. All those ages of dinosaurs, when they came and went, were for a purpose. Those hundreds of eons and epochs were not “wasted,” nor in vain. The Great Spirit knew that the little primate, into whom He’d place a tiny spark of Himself, would receive—with it—a drive and an obsession to connect with Him.

For humans, that moment—when we became MORE than just an evolved primate, a purely physical being, like the dinosaurs—was our moment of true conception and transformation. We were transformed into a receptacle for an eternal essence, a soul. As such, we all have “eternal life.” There is no human organization nor set of philosophies, before which we need to “bow,” in order to receive it.
This gets us back to Darwin. How could the most reviled “villain,” of “Christianity,” be said to be an Angel of God? Because Darwin and his contemporaries, in examining the fossil record, both physically and philosophically, started the unraveling of a human tradition that had boxed-in the concept of a Great Spirit. This tradition, first had put Him into a “Holy of Holies,” that only one human could approach, once per year, and only then with a rope tied to his leg, just in case “God” was annoyed and had decided to strike him dead during the encounter. Thereafter, access to God was commoditized in order to support “religion.” Christianity—which was promoted to be an emancipation from that #OldTestament tollgate—didn’t really give up that “exclusivity of access” to God. It merely created a new religious hierarchy and shifted the “Holy of Holies” to a virtual instead of a physical location.
“Eternal Life,” something humans already HAD, was still being marketed as a commodity. That commodity was merely being meted out by another, newer “priesthood,” with slightly different prerequisites for its being granted.
The selling of this “exclusive access” by both of these iterations of “religion,” was all supported, theologically by a written tradition, which purported ITSELF to be the dictated “Word of God.”
As we now know, this written tradition, irrespective of the historical falsehood it contains, is still the undeniable basis for much of what is wrong with the world today. From widespread racism to Putin’s criminal invasion of Ukraine, humans of extreme inhumanness are using it as their justification.
Once more, back to Darwin. That “unraveling” of this Gordian, Judaeo/Christian knot of “exclusive access” to God, is still going on. Judging by the news, it has a lot farther to go. How do we “move the needle” of human belief on a darkly curated and managed, so-called “public forum,” like Twitter? Good question. Is the idea of “the Tweet of a non-paying user” going “viral” just a fantasy? I guess we’ll find out.