Poetry | Genesis

Genesis ©2019 Vernon Miles Kerr, vernonmileskerr.com   In the beginning, God made essence; He held it between His forefinger and thumb, A tiny singularity. He gave it cyclical movement, frequency, Then sent it hurtling outward from the point of creation Giving it  linear movement, progress. And God observed and noted outward progress And called it… Read More Poetry | Genesis

SciFi | Edelbach’s Odyssey Chapters 1 -10

Edelbach’s Odyssey Chapters 1 – 10 CHAPTER 10 Worrisome Implications ©2008, 2009, 2018 VERNON MILES KERR After the 20-light-year leap, the captain once more called for “stand-down.” “The speed with which they caught up with us after the 1 light-year leap, is troubling,” sent the XO. “More than troubling…ominous,” observed Steppingstone, “and the speed at… Read More SciFi | Edelbach’s Odyssey Chapters 1 -10

SciFi | Edelbach’s Odyssey (Chapters 1 through 9)

Read my work-in-progress SciFi novel Edelbach’s Odyssey at the link, below. I have just appended Chapter 9 “Comparison by Catastrophe”  In this  chapter Edelbach is shown a planet seriously in disorder, which has rejected the Husbandry’s offer of  technological knowledge and have pathetically taken a war-like stance against the altruistic motives of the “Benefactors.” Edelbach’s… Read More SciFi | Edelbach’s Odyssey (Chapters 1 through 9)