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Edelbach’s Odyssey Chapters 1 – 11


The Plorton Solution

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Edelbach was stunned, his little friend from the trip to Arangelle— vaporized!  He approached Grep. “I’m so sorry, my friend, I remember how tough it was when my brother died.”

Dear Reader,

Chapter 11 will be the final “free preview” posting of Edelbach’s Odyssey.  I need to bear-down and finish the book, making it available in paperback and Kindle™ very soon.  To participate in “crowd funding” for the paperback edition and receive a personally autographed copy, send an email and I will reply with PayPal information.  The autographed, first edition will be $19.95 but that will include California Sales Tax AND free shipping.  Thank you so much for following our cranky old hero’s weird odyssey.   VMK

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Edelbach’s Odyssey – forPDF Chap 1-11