SciFi | Edelbach’s Odyssey Chapters 1 through 8

I have just appended Chapter 8 to my ongoing creation of the SciFi novel, Edelbach’s Odyssey In this chapter, Edelbach is given a tour around the planetary capital of the Utopian planet Arangelle. Read this work-in-progress, as it is being created, for FREE. Chapters 1 through 8 available here: Edelbach’s Odyssey – PDF Chapters 1… Read More SciFi | Edelbach’s Odyssey Chapters 1 through 8

Scholarship | One Morning’s Internet Offerings

One Morning’s Internet Offerings ©2018 Vernon Miles Kerr For the (self-syled) scholar, learning never ends.  Or, one should hope so.  Today’s surfing-of-the-web (what an archaic term, eh?) yielded these two gems: Adapting indigenous people’s “illiterate” memory methods to modern scholarship: Following the link in that article to the illustration of a memory device called… Read More Scholarship | One Morning’s Internet Offerings