#FirstCuppaJoe | Humility

#FirstCuppaJoe | Humility
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What is man, that thou art mindful of him?

Psalm 8:4 KJV

For the past two or three years, I’ve written a daily “column” on Twitter, posted as a multi-part thread, under the hashtag, “#FirstCuppaJoe.” Previously it was entitled #MorningMeditations. My morning routine is to arise, around 4:00 a.m. on average, have my first cup of coffee then meditate / pray / commune-with-the-Universe … or whatever you want to call it. This is the first #FirstCuppaJoe I’ve started on WordPress and have then earmarked for automatically being shared on Twitter as a “Tweet.”

Today the “message” I’m getting is about humility: not humility before people but humility before the Universe, or “God” if you are of a religious bent. This is being written at a time, !smack! in the middle of that stupifying, wanton, seemingly purposeless action of mass-murder in Ukraine. Can anyone not think, “How can God allow something like that?”

The answer is obvious. Assuming there is a God, He doesn’t intervene in Man’s folly. God doesn’t zap the Hitlers and the Pol Pots—nor the Putins–of Earth. He lets their ugly murder-sprees continue un-molested. God’s either a dullard or He has a more long-range view of human life. In his omniscience, He would know life doesn’t end at the grave nor crematorium.

That which survives death, must have been here for the experiece, which experience now would become eternal and add to the sum-total of all experience — universally.

What I just said could be looked at as a reductio ad-absurdum argument, by the way. But, what’s so absurd about picturing consciousness as a river, a continuum, with tributaries (individual mundane life-experiences) joining the stream but not being subsumed by it, staying individual threads? And, what has all that to do with humility?

If you dont get it by now, you have little — and you need to go outside, on a clear night, look up and meditate on what you see.