Theology | What If?

Theology | What If?

What If?

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March 1, 2021

What if God purposely developed humans by evolution; giving us our physical drives to protect self, to reproduce, to form societies — blending us, hybridizing us from the many strains of ancestors — evolving us a little more, until the right moment in His plan:  the moment he would add some of His own spirit-essence to this seemingly-incompatible platform?  If that were the case, wouldn’t God then live in every human being, even the most evil amongst us?

If a little bit of God lives in us, then even the most evil can choose to allow God’s Spirit to flourish — through our minute-to-minute choices. We can choose what we know to be healthy for self and society by postponing the self-gratification that comes from satisfying each of our God-developed physical drives. In such a case, we wouldn’t need a “messiah” to come to create Utopia.  He would already be here, just waiting for His Spirit and Humanity to mutually flourish.

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