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What If?

© 2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr,

March 1, 2021

What if God purposely developed humans by evolution; giving us our physical drives to protect self, to reproduce, to form societies — blending us, hybridizing us from the many strains of ancestors — evolving us a little more, until the right moment in His plan:  the moment he would add some of His own spirit-essence to this seemingly-incompatible platform?  If that were the case, wouldn’t God then live in every human being, even the most evil amongst us?

If a little bit of God lives in us, then even the most evil can choose to allow God’s Spirit to flourish — through our minute-to-minute choices. We can choose what we know to be healthy for self and society by postponing the self-gratification that comes from satisfying each of our God-developed physical drives. In such a case, we wouldn’t need a “messiah” to come to create Utopia.  He would already be here, just waiting for His Spirit and Humanity to mutually flourish.

March 2, 2021

If the “creative process” described above is what happened, it seems like God’s interest in us would be on two levels:

1. Our individual development during our brief lives, and

2. The world’s development toward one reflecting more of the influence of His spirit-essence.

But both 1 and 2 are temporary. Unless there is a total abrogation of the physcal laws of the material Universe, the Earth, too is temporary, as is our sun, upon which the Earth depends for its own existence. This entire train of logic assumes God is eternal, non-material and not subject to the physical laws that He created for our plain of existence.

For an eternal God to be interested in our temporary existence implies that we, individually—and as a race of beings—have some eternal significance, or potential as well.