Theology | #TheGodQuestion

Theology | #TheGodQuestion

The God Question

©2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr,

This is another one of those essays incubated on Twitter, @kerr_vernon , then hatched on WordPress.

The God Question. It’s the BIG question. Most of today’s world-ugliness is caused by conflicts arising from it. Survey the news, for the past year, then throw away every conflict and blood-letting that can’t be traced back to #TheGodQuestion and what do you have left? Just sayin’.

If there’s a supreme intelligence in the Universe, is it a creative-force or merely an inspirational, communicative force? We can’t see the wind, but we can see its effects. And there are so many mysterious, baffling effects! Is that supreme-intelligence “trolling” us? Or does it exercise some kind of “prime-directive” allowing us to develop without interference?

If it does “inspire” — nothing more — is that considered “interference”? What about its allowing the ugliness of humanity, or even deadly natural events? Could that seeming insouciance be some kind of “tough love”? ‘Seems like a supreme-intelligence would be rooting for us — but to what end? Our lives are so short. Therefore, do our lives extend beyond the material realm?

If not, all this “experience” is in vain — worthless.