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(This started as a Twitter post on Feb. 2, 2023)

FirstCuppaJoe for Feb. 2 (thread) As y’all know I’m not a “Christian,” nor an Atheist, nor an Agnostic. Some say I’m a “Theist.” I guess you can label me any way you wish.

By the way, those things, above that I said I’m not…? I’ve earnestly tried all three, before settling on the fourth.

Just to review, in case you’re new to these “Cuppas,” the subject-matter always comes from my #MorningMeditations into which I invite, what I believe is, the dynamic, overarching, pervasive sentience of the Universe, or (Universes, as the case may be.)

Today’s subject seems to be, “God is not an Either-or.” One does not have to choose a “Church” or “Atheism.” One can be “un-churched,” and still have direct access to “The Great Spirit,” as the Indigenous of North America call Him/Her/It. One can have a personal relationship with the Universe, for the asking. One does not have to be a worker in an organized religious organization whose main purpose is to build a financial empire of tithe-paying members. One doesn’t need to devote all their free time to attending services, bible studies, and door-to-door hikes of proselytizing. The counseling and mentorship of the Universe is available for the asking.

I ask, and I get results. I don’t hear voices, I don’t see visions. I come to these meditations with difficult problems, total quandaries, and before the session is over I get an answer. I ask “God” what can I Tweet about that would be helpful today. Sometimes all of a sudden, I think of the answer. I go to Twitter and behold, there’s someone who asks the question where that answer is needed. This has happened more than once. I’ve asked God to help two people reach a meeting of the minds in regard to some conflict, and a calming effect seems to come over them. This too, has happened more than once.
I truly believe that I am not special. All such “help” in human-relations is freely available for the asking.

This type of relationship with the infinite may take some persistence. Sometimes the answers you seek are there but they are subtle. What seem to be little “coincidences” eventually happen so frequently you can’t help but increase your faith. What I’m telling you is for you. It is not for changing the world. It is for making life more free for one individual at a time. World-change would take millions, even billions of people seeking God’s wisdom, and then opening their minds to the answers.