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Theology | Happy Everything!
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Happy Everything!

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#FirstCuppaJoe for Dec 25 (thread)

Happy Everything everybody, whatever your celebration, here at the Winter Solstice. Take heart, the Earth-mother is hurtling at 69,000 mph toward that “sweet spot” in her orbit where the North Pole is pointing toward the blessed sun. For you folks in NZ, Australia and Patagonia, our condolences. Have a safe and comfortable Autumn and Winter. See you at the next equinox.

This Winter Solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere, with its often severe and deadly ice and snow, and the mystery forces which controlled it, were worshipped in awe and fear by the ancient indigenous there.

How much? Consider the planning, effort, stone-age technology, and human co-operation it took to build Stonehenge.
Those Winter Solstice celebrations were still in place when the coming of the Romans brought Christianity to Northern Europe.

In their political wisdom, the early Church Fathers decided to accommodate a tradition so FIRMLY entrenched, by declaring the birth of the son of man to be on the same date as the RE-birth of the sun of the Earth.

So, why all this rancor over our terminology, over the choice of “Happy Christmas,” “Merry Christmas,” or “Happy Holidays”? Today’s celebration on December 25th, is being done on a concocted date anyway. So, Happy Everything, every one. See you at the next equinox when we celebrate the pagan rite of spring, “Ishtar.” Oops, I mean, Easter. (eye roll)