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An Atheist’s Queries

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My good buddy on Twitter, Dan Hogg, is a confirmend atheiist, me, I’m a confirmed agnostic. We get into it on Twitter quite a bit, but it’s always in a spirit of good humor and mutual respect. I made one of my long #FirstCuppaJoe threads yesterday (which you can read HERE:

and today he Tweeted this reply:

Here’s my Answer, which I Tweeted in reply:

Dan Hogg takes a whole feast of fodder for essays and hands it to me on a silver platter.


(He knows I’m only kidding) No, those are “logical” questions. Here’s my take.

1. There is no “from” when speaking about what exists outside our mundane, physical Universe. One theory analogizes physical reality with the radio broadcast spectrum. That world of music, news, video and communications exists as a jumble of frequencies. But with a “tuner,” variable-condenser, etc. we can view them one-at-a-time. In that theory, if one could create such a filter, one could select and “view” any of maybe millions of super-imposed Universes.

Over-arching all of them, who’s to say a Supreme Being can’t exist as an even more advanced and complex form of energy?

2. It, (He) doesn’t stay anywhere, He hates being pigeon-holed or restrained.

3. He sets stuff in motion, creates constraints, rules, physical laws, then observes. — He is not a “control freak.”

4. He’s a multi-tasker. BTW, are you implying that I have a narcissistic “Moses” complex?


Don’t laugh. I was asking that about myself after that #FirstCuppaJoe thread I posted yesterday. >< (“…did I just do that?…”)

5. Heaven is a Hell state of mind. Haha. By now, I hope the reader can appreciate that looking for “places” in such a diverse “reality,” is like buiding a voluntary prison around your mind.

Here’s what I believe: There may be a conscious afterlife. Our experiences may contribute to the sum-total-knowledge of all Universes — but there is no “place” of punishment. Well, I take that back. It’s EARTH! Karma, (another term for natural consequences for bad decisions) takes care of punishment. Finally,

6. Exoplanets. There are near-trillions of stars in this galaxy, and near trillions of galaxies. We’re finding most stars have planets. A few, have planets in the “goldilocks” zone, where water can existi in it’s liquid state. So, logically, what are the chances that “God” set evolution into motion on more than a few of ’em? Thx for the questions.