Theology | A Fictional First-Person Narrative By God, Deux


A Fictional First-Person Narrative By God, Deux

(c) 2022 by Vernon Miles Kerr,, and

Dear Children,

Yesterday, I had second thoughts about my “Dutch Uncle” approach, while addressing y’all. Yes. children, I am THAT I AM, but I am also self-correcting, as I hope y’all will strive to be, if you, personally, will keep builidng a relatonship with me, through prayer.

Y’all really are ny mortal children, ya know? Every one of you seven-billion-plus little apes have a part of my own mind in you, as I explained yesterday. I live daily in you, and I experience what you experience. One of your “supercomputers” can visit each of seven-billion “threads of execution,” in about a nano-second. What do you think your God can do? (ROFL)

Since your daily activites are part of my daily activites, those activites are part of me, virtually speaking. “Oh, but, wouldn’t that absolutely taint the perfect and Holy God,” your traditional theologists might ask. Nope. Y’all are my “Id,” to quote Mr. Freud — a brilliant, though a bit unscientfic, child of mine of two centuries ago. He “figured things out,” by observation, and by using that superb mind-spirit infusion I’ve given, and will give, to all you children: past, present and future. I expect you, personally, to do the same, once you find that labor-of-love that draws you to work each day. If you aren’t in it, right now, keep seeking. Keep in touch. Talk to me about it.

Love y’all,


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Love ya.