Opinion | A Liberal’s Admonishment to Liberals

A Liberal’s Admonishment to Liberals An analysis of the Manfred Wolf Column, This Time, This Place for January 2020 (c) Vernon Miles Kerr, vernonmilerskerr.com writersclass.net I previously featured one of Manfred Wolf’s earlier essays in this series of frank discussions with fellow liberals.  See Here.. Dr. Wolf is concerned about how extremists within the movement are… Read More Opinion | A Liberal’s Admonishment to Liberals

Criticism | Beware of Mandated Kindness

Beware of Mandated Kindness © 2017 Vernon Miles Kerr San Francisco West Portal Monthly columnist, Manfred Wolf, in this month’s “This Time, This Place” column, examines the many facets of the current trans-atlantic trend to coerce kindness and “sensitivity” out of the populace, not only by public shaming, but—more ominously—by governmental mandate.  Here is the… Read More Criticism | Beware of Mandated Kindness

Criticism | “Muslims in Europe” by Manfred Wolf

  Having read both of Manfred Wolf’s previous books of recent years, I’m a fan. While “Survival in Paradise” was deeply personal and at times, surprisingly emotional, this new book, more like his earlier “Almost a Foreign Country,” is shrewdly logical and (typically) deeply analytical. Wolf seems to always have a unique take on puzzling… Read More Criticism | “Muslims in Europe” by Manfred Wolf

Rhetoric | A Holocaust Survivor’s Thoughts on America, Post-Trump

Fair comment  (c) 2017 Vernon Miles Kerr This is a copy of the second of two recent Sacramento Bee columns by my friend and former college writing professor, Manfred Wolf.  He and I are currently collaborating on a screen adaptation of his book “Survival in Paradise: Sketches from a Refugee Life in Curacao.”  (http://www.survivalinparadise.com) My first draft of… Read More Rhetoric | A Holocaust Survivor’s Thoughts on America, Post-Trump

Drama | Survival In Paradise: The Screenplay

My film script Survival In Paradise,  discussed in an earlier post, has now been entered in several screenwriting competitions and is in the reading queue of three or four producers who are mutual friends of either myself or Manfred Wolf, the author of the memoir from which this work is derived. See http://www.survivalinparadise.com Initial feedback from… Read More Drama | Survival In Paradise: The Screenplay

Rhetoric | What is Leadership?

  What is Good Leadership?  (c) 2016 Vernon Miles Kerr This morning I received an email from Doctor Eduardo Diaz via LinkedIn asking for my comments on the above question, “What is Leadership?” http://www.linkedin.com/in/EduardoDiazPhD  After ten years in the banking industry,  followed by 25 years as an IT salesman and sales manager followed by my most… Read More Rhetoric | What is Leadership?