Theology | God-struggles, a Compendium

God-struggles, a Compendium ©2020 by Vernon Miles Kerr, Just now — no sooner than I had thought-up this title, “God-struggles,” an image of Jacob in the Bible, wrestling with God came to mind. He wrestled all night-long, never giving up, not winning but not losing either. For his persistence, God gave him a new… Read More Theology | God-struggles, a Compendium

Rhetoric | An Agnostic’s View of Sin

One of my friends and mutual followers on WordPress, Mitch Teemley, has just posted an interesting synopsis on the subject of “Sin.”  His post includes  several interesting quotes about the subject, see: Popular Idea, Unpopular Word After reading the post I was inspired to leave the following comment. Aren’t all “sins” simply unhealthy behavior; either unhealthy to… Read More Rhetoric | An Agnostic’s View of Sin