Poetry | California!

Immigration magnet (both internal and international) World economic power. World purveyor of progressive thought, whose problems, once solved, wll be a shining beacon on Earth’s paramount. … Read More Poetry | California!

Poetry | History

History (c) 2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr, VernonMilesKerr.com Yesterdays connot be viewed, Only proposed by the mess they left behind: Scraps of sloughed-off skin, Bits of fabric, shards of bone, Caprolites in caves, Or marks left on their walls, By ancestors extrapolating That we’d be around someday to read. Even their great, stone stuctures, Too… Read More Poetry | History

Opinion | Can Morality Exist Without Religion?

 Can Morality Exist Without Religion? ©2017 Vernon Miles Kerr In the late 19th Century, “Liberal” teaching threw out religion, along with religion’s moral guidelines, replacing those guidelines with moral relativism and situation-based ethics.  Since then, the world’s diminishing moral conscience has been claimed and dominated by its religious organizations, whose abuses and excesses have further… Read More Opinion | Can Morality Exist Without Religion?