Opinion | Are Tattoos Just “Fashionable” ?

Are Tattoos Just “Fashionable”? © 2018 Vernon Miles Kerr Today, my friend, former writing professor, and sometimes collaborator, Manfred Wolf retweeted: To which I replied: This little Twitter-exchange sparked a whole series of other thoughts about fashion itself and the subject of “tattooing the body,” including my limited knowledge of its history.  I know that… Read More Opinion | Are Tattoos Just “Fashionable” ?

Criticism | A Lesson in Story-telling

 A Lesson in Story-telling My friend and fellow blogger Mitch Teemley http://mitchteemley.com had this excellent advice for aspiring writers.  I include it here with his permission. Check out, also the links to earlier tutorial articles. VMK   Tips for Writers: Trust the Story Posted on September 29, 2017 by mitchteemley Experience is the most effective teacher… Read More Criticism | A Lesson in Story-telling