Theology | An Argument with God

An Argument with God © 2020 by Vernon Miles Kerr, Dear God, If You are there, I’ll just call You, ” God,” because I don’t want to adopt potentially man-made labels for You.  Also, If you don’t mind, until I am inspired otherwise, I will not address you as “Heavenly Father” since I am… Read More Theology | An Argument with God

Poetry | What Purpose…Everything?

What Purpose…Everything? © 2018 Vernon Miles Kerr What purpose would everything serve An eternal, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Creator? What purpose would anything, temporary? But all is temporary: From the far-flung Galaxies To our grinding continental plates, To the squalling infant at birth. All, temporary; All, here-today; gone-tomorrow. When the sun has grown to scorch the… Read More Poetry | What Purpose…Everything?

Rhetoric | What is Reality?

When we are children, the definition of “reality” is clear cut. It’s the opposite of “fantasy.” When we grow older, we realize that one person’s reality is not necessarily another’s and that the schizophrenic’s bizarre, sometime hallucinatory reality, manifested by socially unacceptable and often tragic behavior patterns, is as real to them as our own… Read More Rhetoric | What is Reality?