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Unbridled Capitalism

Here’s another essay composed during my morning Twitter activity.  I personally can’t think of a better remedy to save humanity than to — not do away with capitalism — but to politically take charge and set the agenda for capitalism. What many call “über-capitalism” or “super-capitalism” has effectively taken over American Politics thanks to the Supreme Court opinion in Citizens Uninted v. FEC. The only way to change that is by Constitutional Amendment — and that is being workerd on right now.  The best proposed Amendment in my opinion is the one being put forward by  Their proposal does away with not only “money is free speech” but also the earlier and actually more damaging legal concrept of “corporations are persons.” You can read the proposed amendment on their site.

Here’s my Twitter essay:

As part of a generation that’s so old it has no name, I’m tired of pussyfooting around with you young Boomers, Gen X’s, Millennials and all those other letters. Here’s how it is: When you watch an enterprise get steadily less efficient, more rancorous within, more bloated in personnel, more spendthrift in utilizing its limited resources — you conclude what? Invest MORE in it — or sell-short? That’s the planet Earth, kiddies. Where — pray tell — did the thrust to STOP the population-explosion go?

Why did China abandond it’s One-Child-Only initiative and (seemingly) put out the aphrodisiacs?

Well… Capitalism happened. Their own brand of Capitalism, for sure, but still the same old “capture-the-market-and- charge-through-the-nose” philosophy as the “West”has engaged in since the Rothschilds the Rockefellers, the Carnegies and the Morgans. Greater population means more serfs. It’s the philosophy of,

“Yes, we’ve got to pollute the environment a bit, but hey, with the money we’ll make, we don’t have to live in those hell-holes called CITIES — and when we DO have to go to town, we can ‘copter in, to the helipads on top of our penthouses.”

Conclusion: Throttle Capitalism. Put a governor on it. If your legislators won’t get on the bandwagon, fire ’em and run yourself — or find someone who’ll be a champion for humanity’s continued existence. It won’t happen under the current system.

Don’t worry about Gaia (Mother Earth). She’ll recover — once we’re gone.

She always has.