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…Polaris. I’m reminded of something from that old book of ancient wisdom, “What is man, that thou art mindful of him?” Indeed, how puny we are. We can’t even be seen from an altitude as small as from here to San Francisco—80 miles. On the other hand, those ever-growing gray smudges of concrete—our urban areas—are quite evident. As is the correlative light pollution from them, at night. And now we stand ready to take our urban pollution into that heretofore-virgin cosmos arrayed above. Would that there were some superior force that might impede us, (we scrappy, conflict-loving primates) from doing that—until we’ve evolved to a higher level, socially.

At the present rate, due to self-satisfaction with the status quo (within the entire politcal spectrum) it would be centuries before this superior force opened the corral gates. I suppose, from a galactic prespective, the #EconomicMachine that demands ever-growing human population for its existence must somehow be discarded — and the present, near-8 Billion of us allowed, by natural attrition, to become less threatening to our own home planet. From that rhetorical hand-hold, the present Left and Right of our world politics looks more like a set of scales. Those who benefit from the #EconomicMachine array themselves on the right. Those who fight for simple human existence, and individual freedom…those who focus on how we individually care for and treat each other, oppose the #EconomicMachine on the Left.

Now it appears the #EconomicMachine is having to spank one of its proponents for impertinence. For the sake of humanity, I hope they are successful.