ReTweets | Humanity's Big Two

ReTweets | Humanity's Big Two

Humanity’s Big Two

Tweeted March 24, 2021
©2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr,

#MorningMeditations (thread) I’m not a #politician, nor a #theologian — so take this for what it’s worth. I’m an #Agnostic who SUSPECTS that there’s a supreme intelligence infusing our Universe. So, I pray. Then I get answers — not words…just, realizations. Instant solutions to knotty problems—sometimes—not always.

This morning I said, “God, what are the two biggest problems facing humans today?” The answer came flooding in immediatedly:

1. Those writings that humans call “holy books,” are not my words. Yes, I inspired them, as I’m inspiring you now. I did not dictate them. There is a lot of THEM in all those writings. I am Love, if it does not reflect Love, it is the “THEM” part. But don’t throw the writings out, just use the test.

2. Your current world is dominated by money;  you misquote me as saying “Money is the root of all evil.” Yes, it is A root of much evil and it is the root of the current world-domination by those who have an inordinate and unwarranted amount of it. Find ANOTHER method of rewarding effort: 

STOP rewarding the mere ABILITY to accummulate money.