Re-Tweets | What is "Real Life"?

Re-Tweets | What is "Real Life"?


What is “Real Life”?

(c)2022 by Vernon Miles Kerr and

#FirstCuppaJoe for Sat Sep 17 (thread)

When we humans say “Life,” to us, it encompasses a vast, complex, ages-long and unfathomably-deep, and unique, essence.
But we are wrong.

What the first paragraph describes is “Biological Life” — as we know it, here on Planet Earth “Real” Life is the source of Biological Life. Biological Life is only as eternal as this physical Universe, which is–sadly– ultimately, temporary. #BiologicalLife is a mere, tangible symbol for #RealLife.

Many human races and cultures have sensed being connected to an intangible essence, flowing through tangible life. This essence is often labeled “spirit.” My Native American ancestors called it words which translate to, “The Great Spirit.” They conceived of themselves and all other creatures as having a bit of #TheGreatSpirt, on loan, for the duration of each one’s Earthly existence. The Raven, (the trickster) had its own, unique Raven’s Spirit, the Wolf had the Wolf’s Spirit. I’m sure my indigenous ancestors’ relatives, here in California, sensed in the Giant Sequoia Trees, an elderly, comforting spirt–as I do, when often in their presence.

The familiar, “Bible” of so-called Western Civilization–though having proven a terrible foundation for building a civilization, is still a great isight into the Zeitgeist of the Bronze Age, in the Levant of 4 to 6 thousand years ago. Somewhere in its pages it says “there is a spirit in man.” The context implies a spirit other than “The Holy Spirit” it refers to later. Amusingly, in order to keep that “spirit” from judging for itself, the Bible also says, “There is a way that SEEMS right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death.” (In other words, ignore that miraculous calculation-ability, endowed by our Creator, and believe only that which is written in this book.(The millions of books on the shelves of modern academia, impliedly shout the same thing.)

If the millions of people down through perhaps millions of years of cognitive existence have independently come to the same conclusion about Real Life. I would tend to favor their view over that of some ancient and ossified “book.”