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The Messy Business of Politics

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#FirstCuppaJoe for MAY 21 (thread)

Even if every politician in America had complete integrity and were a paragon of honesty, politics would be messy — because human life is messy. The bigger and more populated a society, the messier it becomes. We, pompous little ape-creatures, can’t take a lot of complexity all at once, so we abstract-away the details and resort to convenient, homemade, mental-memes and stereotypes. In doing so, we sometimes overlook important, even life-threatening, details. “The devil’s in the details,” some wise person once said.

The sad part of this propensity to reduce and categorize, is that we mentally stuff other human beings, into these little fantastical boxes. We forget that, even though each of us has a different back-story, a differnt genetic make-up, a different set. of goals and aspirations, we all feel hurt when we’re ignored, we all shed tears when we cry, we all bleed when we’re cut. Because we forget that — when we look at a Republican, a Democrat, a White Person, a Black Person, a Man, a Woman — they become an object, not an extension of ourselves.

Yes, politics is messy. But, it wouldn’t be so messy if we would consider that, basically, we are all the same, in every criterion that matters. Yes, I come from a rural area with a certain set of built in critical needs, and you come from an urban setting with an entirely different set of critical needs. Blending both of these, is like trying to mix oil and water. It’s a herculean task, even if only human beings are at the negotiating table. But, when people serving as avatars for mindless, money-gulping, fictional “persons,” called corporations, are at the table, any real collaboration or attempt to reach mutually-satisfying solutions, makes politics, not only more messy, it makes politics a complete fiction.

Until we amend the Constitution to reverse that heinous “open-sesame”to our negotiating table, which was graced upon those fictional “persons,” by the Citizens United v FEC decision — the fiction will get worse. My critical needs & your critical needs will be ignored so that those fictional “persons” can satsfy their ONE need: more MONEY.

Please check out the proposed Const. Amendmt. at and read their HJR 48, which is currently before your legislators. If you agree, contact your representatives in Congress and demand that they join the scores who have already approved by supporting it.