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New Year’s Panacea

©2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr and – Originally posted in rough draft to Twitter on 12/31/2021

#FirstCuppaJoe for the Last Day of 2021 (thread) 

Here I am, a non-paying rider and a non-paid contributor on a medium I know nothing about—shouting into a hurricane about subjects I know less about.

Yeah, I admit it.  I love to talk, love to debate and I have the grandiose idea that I’ve figured out (with the help of friends, family and personal mentors) what’s basically wrong with our country and (because the U.S. is so influential) the entire planet.

I wish, as that 12 o’clock MOMENT moves around the world tonight, we could have a world where:

* Money (whatever form it takes) represents some real “work” not  some act of speculation or gambling.

*Wealth (lots of money) is not admired. (Displays of wealth are considered “vulgar” not admirable.)

*Every step possible is taken to remove the power-of-money from elections and from legislative forums.

*Religion becomes a private matter, no longer supported by government in the form of tax-exemptions and other favored treatment.

* America enacts a Uniform Police HR Code. resulting in the public’s renewed respect for law-enforcement and the law itself.

* Candidates for ANY public office are required to submit to background checks, personality-evaluations and the publishing of several years’ tax-returns, for the electorate’s consideration.

If we can’t accomplish all of the above in 2022, there’s always the next trip around the old Sun.  Happy New Year, all.   🙂