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FirstCuppaJoe for Sat Sep 3 (thread)

When struggling to think of the date— here in the wee-hours in California— I nearly wrote “Sep 11 …”
That anniversary is nearing, isn’t it? On September 11, 2001 more than 3,000 innocent Americans died in a gray cloud of concrete dust, simply because some people in a foreign land, who felt religiously and politically slighted, wanted to make a “statement.” And what a statement it was. The implications of it are multitudenous, like the branches of a tree, — clear out to the tender tendrils.
The trunk of that tree, however, was somone’s personal interpretation of scriptures from a “holy book.” Whether that trunk was—in the minds of the perpetrators—a true heartfelt motivation or a convenient rationalization, we will never know…in this life anyway.
How many heinous acts of death and destruction have been perpetrated, down through the ages—as well as dynamically, at this moment—from the exact same motivation/rationalization? Maybe the source is from another so-called “holy book.” How about the religious fervor, now growing, in our own beloved America, based on someone’s interpretation of the “holy book” we call The Bible? Is it Motivation or Rationalization? For the “leaders,” who are so clever at manipulating the gullible masses, it is a rationalization. For their puppets it is probably a heartfelt—but ignorant— motivation. Lest we get pompous in our calling-it-out, let each of us examine our body of religious belief and truly meditate on whether each of those beliefs might be someone else’s interpretation of those ancient, raggedy old pages.