Re-Tweets | Individualism

Re-Tweets | Individualism
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Individualism (thread)

No one is really a “rugged individualist,” not even a narcissist (if Trump is any indication.) I mean, who do you know, that’s more worried about what people think about him? He’s constantly tooting his own horn, ain’t he? Nah, even the great explorers, the lonely scouts who went out alone into dangerous unknown territory—those whom we relied upon to be able to function for long periods of time without companionship—were not totally disconnected from the social web of humanity.
We are social beings, we evolved that way. As a matter of fact, we wouldn’t have evolved at all as “rugged individuals.” As an individual, the strongest man in history would have been no match against any of the great predators.
So, here’s the deal: As a liberal progressive I’m totally against individual rights! That is, individual rights without concurrent social responsibility. I detest (I don’t care if it is a strong word) — I detest liberal politicians hammering on preserving individual rights while totally ignoring whether having those rights is going to trample upon the rights of overall society.

Rights and Responsibilities.
🎼🎶 “….this I tell you brother — you can’t have one without the other.”