Re-Tweets | Humanity's Comeuppance

Re-Tweets | Humanity's Comeuppance

Humanity’s Comeuppance

©2022 by Vernon Miles Kerr and   –  Originally posted as a rough draft to Twitter on Jan. 29, 2022



#FirstCuppaJoe for Jan 29. (thread)

I am fascinated by the implications of those U.S. Navy gun-camera videos, of what they are calling”UAP”(Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). One of the pilots of the famous “tic-tac” encounter was interviewed by Reuters*: 

“Juggling media queries amid a cross-country family move is exhausting, but Dietrich said she wants to reduce the stigma attached to reporting UFO sightings and hopes more people can speak up without fear of ridicule.” 

Please tell Mainstream Media that.  Now they can quit playing the theme to The X-Files and rolling their eyes — as they’ve done while playing thousands of purported, publicly-generated UFO videos sent-in over the years.

But what now?  What’s been the response of the major religions to the tantalizing possibility that the sum total of God’s creative and/or reproductive efforts did not begin at the Garden of Eden, nor even the African Continent on planet Earth?  I haven’t read any comment from the major faiths at all, nor have I seen the mass panic predicted by the media, based on what happened after the Orwell radio broadcast of War of theWorlds on Halloween Eve, 1939.  No robe-rending, no panic, just a big nothing-burger. 

But the implication, that humans are not “all that,” is a healthy thing, I believe—even for atheists.

The idea, that maybe we peeps are not the first, nor the most unique, nor even the smartest cookies in the jar, might propel us to have more respect—not only for our own Mother Earth—but for our expansive, mysterious, possibility-laden Universe as well.  That thought alone, should drive the average human to his or her knees.