Re-Tweets | Humanity on the Precipice

Re-Tweets | Humanity on the Precipice

Humanity on the Precipice

FirstCuppaJoe for Tue 5/23 (thread)

If there’s a Supreme Being, do you think it’s interested in what a race of evolved apes in an obscure little corner of the Universe is doing to destroy itself? Mathematically, there must be other races of evolved “somethings” in other obscure little corners of this incomprehensibly vast Universe, that are at–or near—the same tipping-point of existence.

Yet here, humans impotently stand, at the edge of a virtual Glacier Point, looking down at the jagged rocks upon which they will be dashed, three thousand, two-hundred feet below. Ironically, some among them have the power to pull everyone back from the edge, by simply giving up some of the carnal pleasures they enjoy from their inordinate wealth.

Why do the #WorldElite think they will somehow escape the great plunge into oblivion? If the current worldwide #ConservoFascist movement can be believed, it professes faith in a Supreme Being, the one described in that human-tainted bundle of pages it calls the “Bible.” Those elites base justification for their avidly-protected dictatorship of wealth on its words, yet (again ironically) the turning point in their Bible’s narrative was when “God’s people” demanded an Earthly King, like the other civilizations around them. The God depicted therein essentially said, (reluctantly)
“Well, okay, but you won’t like the results… but, have-at-it, [shazam!] granted.”

That which “God” warned them about has been continually acted-out for the (purported) ensuing five or so thousand years, while these “elites,” psychotically keep expecting different results. Moreover they expect their “God” to bail ’em out, even though back then, they flaunted, and today still flaunt, their rejection of its advice. All I can say is, the carnal pleasures of extreme wealth and the gratification that extreme economic power brings, must really be something, in order to have produced such denial-of-reality. I wonder what that hypothetical Supreme Being thinks of all this.

I, myself, am reminded of Monty Python’s “Ministry of Silly Walks.”