Re-tweets | Evil vs Good

Re-tweets | Evil vs Good

Evil vs Good

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#FirstCuppaJoe for May 15 (thread)

Was there ever any good from Hitler’s rise? If he hadn’t caused all that trouble in Europe, I and all the other war-babies and boomers wouldn’t exist.

Pre-Pearl Harbor, my mom (AL) and dad (OK) met in L.A. because he and her two brothers had been sent to the California desert, to train for supposed deployment to North Africa. Mom and Pop were returning from a date one Sunday when Grandma, who had followed her boys to L.A., ran out and said, “All military have been ordered back to their bases!” He was a Drill Instructor and the Army immediately shifted to having him teach Giu Jitsu and other Japanese martial arts, in anticipation for deployment to the South Pacific. Several “graduating classes” later, he wound up being sent with his last class to Europe, in time to be in the Battle of the Bulge.

Anyway, life is such an admixture of evil and good, isn’t it? Sometimes the evil seems so overwhelming , and fighting against it so daunting. But, trying to thwart good is akin to trying to hold a soccer football under water. As soon as your muscles falter, it pops out with a terrific spalsh & causes a mini-storm on the surface of the pool.

Putin beware.