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#FirstCuppaJoe for May 26 (thread)

I’ve been on this old planet four-score years, I’ve had five years of University education. I’ve had three relatively successfull careers in unrelated fields. I’ve gone from atheism to religion to agnosticism. This is the perspective from which I view. America.

In my opinion, it’s chaotic — seeming like that stage of mitosis with the prospective nuclei gathered 180 degress from each other, connected only by stretching, tenous threads, until “SNAP!” they become two new entities. But we can’t have a Mason-Dixon line anymore, where We-un’s go North and Y’all go South. America is too homogenized. Commerce, gig-work, and military careers have our two opposing sides living amongst each other, even in the so-called “red” and “blue” states.

For America, there will be no amicable Canada-and-America nor, India-and-Pakistan geographical mitoses. Today, our Mason-Dixon line runs between my yard and your yard, between my apartment wall and yours. What does a “Let’s Go Brandon!” sign in your front yard, or even a “Joe Biden” sign, accomplish? Can you brow-beat that person over there next door, across the Mason-Dixon line to come over to your way of thinking? Nope, all it does is “flip the finger” to them — throwing out a virtual challenge, or maybe even a threat. This is the new America. We can’t live in peace with each other by wearing our politics, nor our religion, on our sleeves.

The sign in this picture is from my own neighborhood, less than a city bock from my home in Northern California. Ironically, across the street from that house, is a beautifully manicured home with a four-foot cross, only two-feet from the sidewalk. Right now, the cross is garlaned with artifical flowers. At Easter, it was Christ’s burial shroud. Neither of these neigbors are doing the Republicans nor Christianity any service with these displays. Since no minds will be changed, the only possible result will be more rancor, more feeling insulted.

But who knows, maybe someone of like-

belief, will give them a little horn-toot of agreement as they drive by.


Is that worth tearing America apart?


6:38 AM · May 26, 2022·Twitter Web App