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From Twitter:

#FistCuppaJoe My talk with the Universe this morning was all about Autocracy. It seems like humans would have learned by now, putting someone in as the one-and-only chief decision-maker of a nation is a bad idea.
What with the fallibility of human perception, the anomalies in human psychology, and some peoples’ downright compulsive greed for power, autocracy should be limited to the military. That’s why our founders wanted civilian government to be collaborative. The military would ultimately answer to the civilians. Executive Orders, are a chink in that dam between the civilians who rule and the military who fights.
As we have recently seen, Executive Orders by a President with dreams of Autocracy can be abused to the point that the dam is in danger of a catastrophic failure. In Engineering we called that a “single point of failure.” All civilian Autocracies are at a continual risk of catastrophic failure.
A Nation is just way too big for one idiot to handle.