Poetry | Turn Around

Poetry | Turn Around

Turn Around

©2019 Vernon Miles Kerr, vernonmileskerr.com

“Turn around, and you’re two,

Turn around and you’re four,

Turn around and you’re a young man, 

Going out of my door…”          1.

We try to measure Time by watching growing-things

Like kids and trees and patches of peeling paint,

Or the testily-watched kettle that never boils,

Or the reluctant grains of sand

Which stutter through an hourglass neck.

But turn around, and the waiting’s over

And Time is only perceived by the ozone-smell

That’s left behind Time’s stealthy lightening strike.


So gather your rosebuds while you may;

Savor the wine before it sours

Ignore the nano and milliseconds

And focus on the hours.




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