Poetry | Stuff


©2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr, VernonMilesKerr.com
What is the Universe, but just, stuff?
Can you imagine no stuff?
Was there ever, no stuff?
If so, where did stuff come from?
What is "energy" without stuff?
Isn't heat just stuff, doing some kind of dance?
Stuff dancing radiates "heat" — energy.
So, does energy come from stuff?
Or, did stuff come from energy?
Old Einstein said they were interchangeable.
If so, which came first, the stuff or the energy?
Now our vaunted twenty-first century Einsteins
Have laid new stuff on us:  Dark Stuff and Dark Energy.
We hate that don't we?
We hate the unknown;
We wanna know everything.
The stuff in our heads hates a vacuum.
If we see a hole and see nothing to fill it
We make up stuff; 
Even a" personage" not made of stuff, 
Whom we surmise created the stuff we're made of.

In reality, though, where did stuff come from,
And where is it going?
Maybe we should quit worrying about it,
And just focus on important ... stuff.