Poetry | Purity


(c) 2014, 2020 by Vernon Miles Kerr, vernonmileskerr.com

(Recite to the sound of a military snare drum, played in march cadence)

Down the WORLD of peace.

Up the WORLD of war.

Give us ALL the blood

And all the BRIGHT red gore.


Give us ALL the cash,

That our GUNS will buy.

Give us ALL the kids

And make their MOTH-ers cry.


Teach ‘em IN the West;

Teach ‘em IN the East.

Keep ‘em CRAVing pure



Trash their UG-ly Church;

Burn their SIl-y Mosque

Carve an ugly SWAS-ti-ka

Upon the TEMP-le door.


Tell ‘em HE said this;

Tell ‘em SHE said that;

Tell ‘em GOD’s offended

And He WANTs ‘em dead.


Write a PRET-ty song

With a  DRIV-ing drum;

March ‘em IN-to Hell

And wheel ‘em BRO-ken home.


Praise ‘em LEFT and right.

Pin on STARS so bright

Keep ‘em PRAY-ing “Purity”

Through-OUT  the night.


Let the GOLD coins gleam

In the BANK so clean

Let the BLACK oil flow

To feed the WAR machine.