Poetry | My Calloused Brain

My Calloused Brain


(c) 2017 Vernon Miles Kerr

Others meditate

And claim inspiration:

“Relax; focus on your breathing,

Wait for enlightenment.”

I’ve waited…

And waited…

But nothing—

Except embarrassment

For failing at their game.


I view the magic in Nature,

Knowing that I should feel awe,

Be inspired,

Well I am,


But there’s no real feeling of awe,

Just a curious amazement,

A curious mundane amazement.


“The spirit world is real,”

They say.

“You can feel it.”

I can’t feel it,

I have a calloused brain.


When they rise in the air

At the last trump,

I will stay behind.

My mundane, calloused brain

Will watch them ascend,

In curious, mundane amazement.