Poetry | Humanity, the Gamut

Humanity, the Gamut

©2022 by Vernon Miles Kerr and VernonMilesKerr.com

Good-hearted nurturing people abound,
As do parasitic thieving  scoundrels.

While mothers  caress and coo, 
Whores flaunt their wares downtown.

A caring physician, strokes a fevered brow
While a Drug Lord in a storied mansion 
On a storied estate
Shouts telephonic commands
To up Oxy production.

An artist  labors and frets 
to create perfect beauty
While a smug politician blithely blocks a bill
To save Art Education.

Sumptious dinners are set out 
On  legendary tables,
While dirty, broken-nailed fingers
Claw through back-alley garbage bins.

Scientists look to the stars,
While worried parents look to the bills.

This is the gamut of humanity
Or at least a slice,
For Reader's consideration
In moments of chauvanistic pride,
Laced with human-aggrandizement.

We are not so much of the stars, 
As we are of the dirt.
A race of angels cannot be launched
from a corrupt pad.

The mundane must be minded
Before mounting the ladder to heaven.