Philosopy | Blind Faith

Blind Faith

©2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr,
Originally posted to Twitter in rough draft on 09/10/2021

One doesn’t need Religiosity or Organized Religion to have #Faith and #Belief.  I think we ALL need faith in order to makes sense of our brief existence.  All religions, no matter how much error they promulgate at least supply that emollient.

   Even an atheist needs a sort of blind faith that there is no God. His or her faith is blind because there is no possible way of proving the non-existence of something.  Even if God were visible—if one looked in the right direction— the directions multiply exponentially as the telescope gets more powerful.  One can never say,  “I’ve looked in every direction, and I haven’t found a God.”

I, myself have a blind faith that there is some purpose to humanity and to my individual life story. The computer in my brain just comes to that conclusion, based on all the input it has received so far. I can’t even tell you which input caused this. It’s like trying to figure out how our brains are able to calculate the mathematical intervals in music. You can play “Mary had a little lamb” in any of the Western world’s 12 musical tones and your brain will instantly identify it, by the intervals between notes.

   So, the #Faith that there is purpose, requires faith that, somewhere, somehow human experience is being recorded and is being reviewed and analyzed by someone, doesn’t it? Do those “experience data” live on after being placed on some other “platform”?  I have no possible way of proving it, but I have faith that they do. It helps me make sense of this brief existence.