Philosophy | Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

© 2021  Vernon Miles Kerr,

#MorningMeditations This morning I’m thinking of how every little ache and pain is merely evidence of the marvelous communication-system going on within the human body. King David of Israel said once. “…I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Ps 139:14)

David was marveling over how God assembled his component parts while still in his mother’s womb. But if we view this as a metaphor for how we were assembled over aeons within the womb of Gaia, we can begin to understand David’s awe.

At what point did we become the dominant species on Earth? When did we reach full dominance — when thereafter, even our former predators fled from us? When did we reach self-awareness and begin looking for “meaning” in our Earthly existence? Such a moment must occur very seldom, even in this vast Universe: one species of animal given the ability to question and to delve into both the infinite and the infinitesimal in order to find answers. For this gift, each of us should feel a responsibility to work together for humanity’s perpetuation.

Whether it was mere happenstance or the hand of deity that put us here, the responsibility is the same. If we despoil Mother Gaia, if we foul our own Earthly nest, causing our own extinction, those billions of years spent in our creation will have been wasted — and more billions of years of social-evolution will never happen. Imagine what humanity could become if given that chance.

Imagine the “Bad Karma” that wld be borne by those who insist on savaging Gaia of her mineral wealth for the transitory thrill of riches — especially considering the damage to the environment. Just imagine: billions of years of humanity’s future-existence truncated for money.