Philosophy | A World Culture Coalescing

Philosophy | A World Culture Coalescing
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A World Culture Coalescing

©2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr,

Orignally posted to Twtter as a rough draft on 9/3/2021

A few millennia ago, Earth was a like a planet of virtual human-habituated islands, separated by vast distances, sprinkled across a great global ocean. We humans had developed physically, mentally, and socially into coherent, local hunter-gatherer societies, each with its own culture, manners and rules of mutual interaction (manners). Since humans are incurably curious and obsessively mystery-averse, each of these “islands” of humanity also developed a mythology which explained every iota of observed Nature. This  generally produced “Peace on Earth” because each of those local societies had these workable rules of mutual engagement and logical explanations for nature, and—relative to the small population—an abundance of food and natural resources. 

But, while these little islands of homogeneous culture—these, mini-societies—were effective locally, each had evolved differently with different manners and different mythologies.

Later, with the advent of agriculture, sailing ships, and still later, even more rapid forms of transportation—in only a few millennia, a chaotic Earth erupted due to culture-clash. The chaos continues to this day as thousands of local “cultures” are forced to live together in a limited territory (relative to our huge population.) That which rapid transportation started, instant communications and the Internet has exacerbated.

But not to worry. As our ancestors evolved each of their local societies in to workable units, the Earth will evolve a new planet-wide culture, including a set of mutually agreed upon manners and a new “mythology” called Science to explain the mysteries of Nature.