Philosophy | A De-fragger for the Brain

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This is an email I recently sent to a longtime friend and mentor who is ethnically Jewish but religiously atheistic.

I don’t know if you remember how — on the old PCs — the hard disk would get all fragmented over time?  The computer would just store your Word docs or whatever in fragments, willy-nilly wherever there were little spaces available.  Eventually it greatly slowed down the speed that your computer could retrieve anything.  At that point, one would have to run a Defragmentation Application or “de-fragger” which would go through and begin consolidating fragmented saves together and them recording them back onto the disk in one piece.
I have things that seem to de-frag my brain.  Listening to intense baroque harpsichord like Scarlatti is one thing that seems to work .  Maybe it’s just another form of meditation.
My wife’s uncle, who is a bit religious — not severely, he’s a Methodist — sent us this link.  I’m sending it to you not as a way to evangelize (I’m an agnostic) or even as a joke to annoy,  but simply because it’s such a great momentary escape from materialism. (At least it is for me, because I do sense the spiritual as an ameliorator of the mundane.)  That word doesn’t fully express what I mean but it’s the closest I can think of right now.

The Pater Noster or Our Father was simply a lesson by the rabbi Yeshua when his followers, seeing the elaborate praying in public by the sect of the Pharisees, asked him, “How should your followers pray?”  Basically the answer was, “Keep it simple, keep it in your own private room and pray words to this effect,  ‘Our father, …’ “

​The following is nature video with orchestral music only and subtitles.​ I watched it with my first cup of coffee today, in place of my morning meditation.

​Shabbat Shalom,


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