Opinion | The World Through Blinders

Opinion | The World Through Blinders

The World Through Blinders

© 2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr and VernonMilesKerr.com  –  originally posted to Twitter as rough-draft on 11/20/2021

Judging by the news that we are “allowed” to see by Mainstream Media and the Internet-feeds, like Apple & Google, the world seems to be slipping  into an uncontrolled spiral toward absolute dystopia.  But, simply because that type of news dominates

doesn’t mean that the impression is accurate. 

   News can still be defined as “slanted” even if every individual story is basically accurate.  Stories that are shown vs stories that are suppressed, define the editorial slant.  Always have, always will. The old, “If it bleeds it leads,” comes to mind. 

   Other than crass commercialism, is there some dark, secret, hidden-motive behind  this curating of what the public gets — in order to deliberately create the impression of hopelessness?  

Off the top of my head, I can only think of two possible groups which  would benefit from doing that:

Evangelicals: so they can say “See the Bible is true.  The world is so messed-up, only the return of Jesus will save us.”

Or, those who yearn for worldwide autocracy:  “Life is so much simpler with a strong dictatorship & capital punishment for ALL crimes (even the most petty crimes.) It’s a quick fix for a hopelessly lawless world.”

Neither motive makes much sense, but the move toward autocracy has already been noted by some pundits.

So, that one makes a little sense.