Opinion | The Perils of Inaction

The first thing I see when I awaken is the red digital clock face and the red light blinking on my landline. (We are required have a landline because it’s part of our package with Xfinity.) The blinking means my Voice Mail is full of car-warranty calls that need deleting, so that when any of my friends ignore my repeated requests to never use the land line, they won’t get the “voice-mail-full” message.

But, this started me to thinking—before I even rolled out of bed—”We Americans are such saps. How do we stand for this?” Those car warranty companies must be bringing in the sheaves (of cash) or they wouldn’t be bombarding everyone’s landlines and cell phones with robo-calls— sometimes several times daily. The latest script reads, (in an accusatory tone) “Your file has just come across my desk and I see that your car…isn’t protected…blah, blah, blah…”

I know, I know. It’s a minor thing compared to Ukraine and our assuring that Trump and his minions get appropriate justice, but, it’s symbolic for how American politicians of both sides of the aisle, have come to disrespect citizens so much, that robo-calls and far worse scams, annoyances and dangers are allowed to proliferate—seemingly unimpeded. “The Economy” and “Prosperity” are the new American false gods. Even the Democrats seem to have fallen for the propaganda that GHW Bush spouted, “It’s the economy, stupid!” (Of course, he also spouted, “Read my lips, no new taxes.” And, “new taxes” lost him the next election.) We might worship prosperity, but we sure don’t cotton to no damned liar! (Or, at least we didn’t used to.)
In the meantime, the “business-sector” runs roughshod over we-the-citizens, joyfully bringing in the sheaves of grift, while we-the-serfs, just fume. We are selling out principles for prosperity. I guess we deserve what we get, if we keep ignoring it.