Opinion | The People as Rubes

The People as Rubes

©2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr, VernonMilesKerr.com

Why is there so much unrest in our country? What, pray-tell,  are the Extreme Left and Extreme Right so upset about?  It’s mainly an unresponsive government — a perception by both extremes that both political parties are run by “Elites” and that there is no seat at the table for the people.

“The people” aren’t stupid. Most have a keen sense of detecting chicanery. Maybe the “masses” of the last century, being largely uneducated, were vulnerable to B.S. — but not now. When a politician of either party applies a “bandaid” fix to the symptoms of a problem (ignoring actual causes) — then loudly crows about it, saying, “See I’m fighting for you,” we of the Twenty-first Century are not impressed, and we are not swayed — most of us, that is.  I say “most” because we still have magical-thinkers among us who believe that one party or the other can bring Utopia.

Those “magical-thinkers” are the unwitting victims of our self-satisfied, self-perpetuating, self-deceived two-party system. Aside from that demographic , maybe there’s hope if both our political parties will finally accept the fact that the majority of we-the-people aren’t the rubes they think we are.