Opinion | The Cuban Protests

Opinion | The Cuban Protests
Photo by Matthias Oben on Pexels.com

The Cuban Protests

(c) 2021 by Vernon Miles Kerr, VernonMilesKerr.com

We — ALL of us — Libs AND Conservatives, need to take a good, long, hard, introspective look at America’s history with Cuba. We supported a fascistic dictator because it advanced OUR business interests. How much grief did it cause the Cuban people?

,The sad solution was a bloody revolution and more years of suffering under Castro’s Communism. Then WE ladled more suffering onto the Cuban people with our strangle-hold of embargoes and other sanctions. Why? Our BUSINESS INTERESTS! Today, Ultra-capitalists are STILL leading Uncle Sam around like a pit bull on steroids, creating new Cubas. A real scholar could write a book about this. Maybe one has.

If so, please recommend it to me.